Russian Donors Forum Endowments program has started in January 2010.  It grew out of the first peer platform in the filed – Endowment club, unifying all parties interested in the endowment development, founded in 2009 with the assistance of Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation and where the Donors Forum was an active participant.   By nowadays the Club  — meetings and professional cooperation  — is a significant part of our  program.  Other types of program activities include seminars and round table discussions, both in Moscow and in the regions, regular master classes, annual study of endowments, social networking sites and publications in mass media.

More than 300 experts and representatives of different interested parties, including endowed foundations, universities, museums, as well as layers, economists, fundraisers, state officials, and consultants are actively participating in events and Club meetings.

Program achievements 2009 –2014

  • 22 Endowment club meetings organized;
  • 22newsletters published;
  • 2 study tours for representative of Russian educational endowments organized:  Great Britain (2011) and  USA (2012);
  • Endowment law amendments developed;
  • Special events  at the IX International Investment Forum “Sochi 2010”, Institutional Investor Conference “InvestFunds”, Krasnoyaskiy Economic Forum, St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, etc.;
  • Over 20 articles in federal and regional mass media published;
  • 4 brochures on endowment establishment and development published;
  • Internet portal on endowments, actual news and  activities started;
  • Donors Map endowment profiles created (made by Russia Donors Forum);
  • Social networking sites and groups created 2012: Facebook LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+, Issuu, Slideshare.

Through all these years the Donors Forum activities in the field were supported by the Ministry for economic development and Russian Public Chamber. We are especially grateful for the generous support and overall involvement of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation.